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Recall Healing - Gilbert Renaud

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Recall Healing’s specialty is to identify the emotional trauma behind conditions and behaviors that contribute to the healing process of their clients. The three most essential components of the program are the Life Time Line, Project Purpose, and the Family Tree.

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Company: Recall Healing
Date Published: Dec 19, 2012
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Gilbert Renaud. I have created the concept of Recall Healing based on my working experience in the field of Health for the last 30 years.
I have many years of clinical experience as massage therapist and naturopath. I also had the opportunity to create a school of Naturopathy in early 90’s in Quebec. Today I introduce myself as a Recall Healing specialist.
My specialty is to identify the emotional trauma behind conditions and behaviors which contributes to optimize the healing process of my clients. 50% of my clients are referred to me by doctors and health care professionals. As the clients apply the recommended medical protocols I work with them to get to the root cause of their emotional trauma. The goal is to “understand why the client is ill”. We know now in Recall Healing that when we can’t find a solution at the moment of a very intensive and overwhelming stress, the brain of an individual has just the body that it controls to elaborate a solution.
For that I use 3 important components to me which are:
1st: the Life Time Line
People write the most dramatic events from now backward to the moment they were born.
We write was mainly negative & extremely stressful. This part has been quite often forgotten: that part is now in the depth of the subconscious and drives our life. As said Karl Jung: “What does not come back to my awareness has a tendency to return as destiny”. The 2nd component is the Project Purpose. The Project Purpose is a period of time of 18 months prior our birth, including the 12 first months of our life. The overwhelming stress the parents during that time can impact highly our future. The root cause of many conditions and behaviors originate from that period of time. Dr Sabbah and Marc Frechet have pioneered this approach. In October 2010, the Time magazine has published an article about a new science How the first nine months shape the rest of your life The 3rd component is the study of the Family Tree. We all come from parents who were the children of their parents; in consequence the study family tree explains the generational download of our problems. This is why we say that we quite often inherit these problems under the form of conditions and/or behaviors. We build a family tree considering the 3 previous generations. Even if people say “I don’t remember!” they always remember enough to access what needs to be uncovered. This is of course a work of consciousness where the person has to participate, fully. In Recall Healing, 50% of the clients come to work on prevention. By working consciously on the three components just described, they upgrade their chance to react better in certain future stressful situations. My sessions last 1 hour and 30 minutes. I teach a series of Recall Healing workshops many places such Poland, Hungary, Israel, Australia, Russia, USA, Canada and soon India. My students are mainly Health Care Professionals but also mothers and fathers. During each workshop every student receives a complete document to upgrade the understanding. Based on the last 30 years of holistic medicine experience, I have created a synthesis and published it in a book called Recall Healing – The pyramid of health. This is a list of common and regular emotional overwhelming trauma behind conditions and behaviors. This book can be purchased by my students and Health Care Professionals. I can be reached through my website: