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Nextleaf Solutions granted US patent for cannabinoid extraction from marijuana and hemp

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Management believes, to the best of its knowledge, that Nextleaf is the first publicly traded company to be issued a patent for the extraction and purification of cannabinoids.

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Company: Nextleaf Solutions Ltd.
Website: http://
Stock Symbol: CSE:OILS
Date Published: Mar 28, 2019
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I’m Samantha Deutscher for Investmentpitch Media

Nextleaf Solutions Ltd. (CSE:OILS), a cannabis extraction and processing technology company, has been issued a patent by the United States Patent and Trade Office pertaining to the company’s proprietary process of extraction, refinement, and distillation of cannabinoids from marijuana and hemp.

Management believes, to the best of its knowledge, that Nextleaf is the first publicly traded company to be issued a patent for the extraction and purification of cannabinoids.

Paul Pedersen, CEO and co-founder, stated: “Nextleaf’s patented process allows a cannabis processor to turn raw biomass or a crude extract into a refined, high-purity oil that’s tasteless, odourless, easy to standardize, or even make water soluble. Developed by Nextleaf’s team of chemists and engineers, it allows us to efficiently separate and isolate THC and CBD molecules at an industrial scale, before reformulating in the ideal combination based on the product, client, and end consumer’s needs. The mass-market consumer is looking for a consistent experience to either reliably target a particular medical condition, or to bring about a desired effect. We expect Nextleaf’s issued patent will have a major impact on the production of the next generation of legal cannabis products, especially since most federally-legal cannabis processors seem to be lacking the technology and expertise to do it themselves.”

Nextleaf’s patented process improves upon traditional extraction methods that use only CO2 or ethanol to produce crude cannabis extracts.

Unrefined botanical extracts contain chlorophyll, fats, and other impurities that result in undesirable flavours and aromas when consumed.

Nextleaf’s unique method of extracting and separating cannabinoids and terpenes allows for low-quality dried cannabis biomass to be efficiently processed into a high-purity distilled oil, simplifying the manufacturing of differentiated cannabinoid formulations and delivery methods.

The resulting compounds can be used to manufacture a diverse array of products, including topicals, transdermal or sublingual delivery technology, vape technology, edible oils, beverages, and water-soluble extracts, which can be standardized for dose.

Paul Pedersen, CEO, added: “Nextleaf Solutions has succeeded in beating big pharma, big tobacco, big alcohol, and every single billion-dollar cannabis company to the first issued patent for the extraction and purification of cannabinoids. We believe companies that can develop and protect valuable intellectual property will benefit substantially in the long-term, especially in an industry as young as the cannabis industry.”

Currently, legal cannabis producers in Canada can only sell one form of cannabis extract (“cannabis oil”) with a maximum potency of approximately 3% THC.

However, the Federal Government announced that cannabis concentrates, edibles, beverages, topicals, and vape pens will be legal by October 2019, and plans to publish draft regulations in the coming months.

The company initially files its patents in the United States to create a priority date and allow for future filings in other selected jurisdictions.

It has filed for patent protection in Canada, Europe, Mexico, Colombia, and Jamaica.

Nextleaf has also been issued a standard patent by IP Australia, the Australian Government agency that administers intellectual property rights, for the company’s unique, industrial-scale process of producing purified cannabinoid distillate.
Nextleaf plans to commercialize its intellectual property portfolio by providing B2B processing services to licensed cultivators and supplying cannabis oil and extracts to qualified Canadian and international partners under the client's own brands.

The company has completed construction of its 6,540 square foot dedicated extraction and processing facility in the Vancouver suburb of Coquitlam, British Columbia, in preparation for Canada's legalization of edibles and other cannabis derivative products.

The company was listed on the CSE on March 21st and the shares are currently trading at $0.35.

For more information, please visit the company’s website, contact Paul Pedersen, CEO, at 604-347-9160 or email

For Investor Relations, contact Adel Fares at 604-283-2301 (ext. 201) or email

I’m Samantha Deutscher for Investmentpitch Media