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New Listing: 4Front Ventures (CSE:FFNT)

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4Front, which began in 2011 as an advisory firm ultimately helped obtain more than 60 cannabis-operations licenses across 10 states before evolving into the operations-focused, multi-state cannabis company it is today.


Additional Information:

Company: 4Front Ventures
Stock Symbol: CSE: FFNT
Date Published: Aug 6, 2019
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I’m Megan Edwards for Investmentpitch Media

4Front Ventures is one of the latest new listings on the Canadian Securities Exchange, trading under the symbol “FFNT”, having completed its merger with Cannex Capital, which previously traded under the symbol “CNNX”.

The merger combines Cannex’s large-scale cultivation and manufacturing capabilities, as demonstrated by its portfolio of successful product brands, with 4Front’s existing strategic asset base and its long-standing retail, regulatory, and growth capabilities.

Josh Rosen, CEO, stated: “This is a marriage of complementary teams and skill sets. The 4Front team traces its retail heritage to Harborside, an industry pioneer and one of the most well-respected cannabis dispensaries in the country, while the Cannex leadership team has done a remarkable job developing production capabilities that have enabled its brands to sustain market leadership in a highly competitive Washington State market. With this merger complete, 4Front Ventures now has a tremendous base from which to rapidly expand within new and existing markets by applying what we’ve learned in the most competitive market in the country. While we have been diligent at growing our footprint when it made sense, we’ve invested as much time and effort into building a team and systems that are both necessary and able to successfully scale operations. As we have seen in the market up to today, acquiring assets is easy; it’s operating them that’s hard.”

4Front, which began in 2011 as an advisory firm ultimately helped obtain more than 60 cannabis-operations licenses across 10 states before evolving into the operations-focused, multi-state cannabis company it is today.

It has several historical advisory agreements still in place, which provide 4Front an ongoing share in revenue, typically 5%, of dispensary operators for which 4Front helped obtain licenses and establish operations.

The company has made a settlement in respect to amounts owed to it under one of its many historical advisory and licensing agreements.

This latest settlement brings the total amount in settled or arbitrated legacy contract awards to approximately $13 million and leaves a significant majority of 4Front's historical advisory and licensing contracts still in effect.

4Front currently owns, operates or manages six cultivation and production facilities and 11 retail facilities across eight states.

Merger and acquisition discussions are ongoing in California, Nevada, Connecticut, Arizona, and Ohio.

4Front Ventures has organized its business into three divisions: Brightleaf, Mission, and Pure Ratios.

Brightleaf will immediately oversee six cultivation and manufacturing facilities in Washington, Illinois and Massachusetts, with licenses in place to develop product manufacturing facilities in Arizona and California.

Mission currently operates 11 cannabis dispensaries in seven states and expects it will organically own, operate, or manage 12 retail locations by the end of 2019.

Pure Ratios sells wellness products that marry cannabinoids with traditional Eastern Medicine ingredients, as well as a line of hemp-derived CBD products sold nationwide.

Cannex brands hold the #2 market position in flower sales in Washington State and have similar leadership positions across infused product categories, with over twenty brands supporting 300 product SKUs for Northwest Cannabis Solutions, its strategic operating tenant, which manufactures more than 100,000 cartridges, 200,000 edible packs, and 200,000 prerolls per quarter.

Anthony Dutton, CEO of Cannex, added: “In 4Front, Cannex has found a company that shares our belief that operations matter. Both companies have invested heavily in operations and building systems that will scale to new and expanding markets. Applying those capabilities and executing on the growth opportunities ahead of us will go far in optimizing shareholder value.”

The shares are trading at $1.15.

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I’m Megan Edwards for Investmentpitch Media