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Weekend Unlimited's President Paul Chu updates shareholders

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Weekend Unlimited’s President and CEO, Paul Chu, updates shareholders on the company’s milestones to date and discusses growth plans for 2019.

Additional Information:

Company: Weekend Unlimited
Stock Symbol: CSE: YOLO
Date Published: Dec 28, 2018
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I’m Erica James for Investmentpitch Media

Weekend Unlimited’s President and CEO, Paul Chu, updates shareholders on the company’s milestones to date and discusses growth plans for 2019.

The cannabis lifestyle company is focussing on two separate business operations.

The first covers THC products in legalized states, including flower, concentrate, edibles and topicals, with the second being CBD products, which has a much wider reach.

In terms of context, Weekend Unlimited is ideally positioned to benefit from the rapidly changing market environments in North America and globally.

The passage of the Farm Bill in the United States on December 21st, 2018 represents a fundamental legislative change in direction for the US Federal Government that is anticipated to lead toward the overall rescheduling of cannabis from a Schedule 1 to a Schedule 2 substance in the future.

Today, the result of continued growth in legalized recreational and medicinal CBD and THC in products in Canada and in over 30 US states, combined with the US Federal shift and the significant investments from consumer-packaged goods, big alcohol, pharmaceutical and tobacco, serve as an indication of tremendous upside in the industry.

Recent market volatility has impacted many sectors, cannabis included, however, our focus has been to develop and run this company in order to create a product category that is recreationally focused with new product lines that are focused on wellness.

Our singular drive is growing revenue in 2019.

In 2019, the company strategy will be focused upon productization with Weekend's own THC and CBD brand.

We will activate market share with a multi-channel build strategy.

The initial phase will focus upon indirect sales channel, primarily national convenience chains and big box retailers.

Our goal is to have brand presence in consumer-packaged goods in all 50 states.

Our licensure growth story will focus on adding to our multi-state operations strategy with direct ownership and/or joint ventures in new markets.

The following highlights some of the company’s international ventures.

In Jamaica, the company is in the final stages of completing the acquisition of R & D Pharma, branded Tropicana Jamaica, which comprises 98 acres.

A tourism market launch is scheduled for March 2019, with site tours as a featured attraction.

At the company’s Northern Lights Organics’ facility in Fort St James, Northern British Columbia, the company has harvested its outdoor research crop, with its ACMPR application in an advanced stage.

In Washington State, Orchard Heights Growers’ harvested its fall crop, and anticipates launching products in early 2019, highlighted by a flower, concentrate and pre-roll line.

The company is in the final stages of completing acquisition of the Verve Beverage Company, with an operational focus in the new year aimed at confirming purchase orders and distribution contracts for a US national rollout

In California, Canna Candys new manufacturing facility will be operational in the first quarter of 2019, producing hard candies and soft gummies.
Weekend’s acquisition of the final 20% of Canna Candys is pending.

Weekend will be a 5% equity partner of High Desert Group, Inc., the largest THC oil extractor in Adelanto, California, which in 2015, became one of the first cities in Southern California to embrace the medical marijuana industry.

The company will be producing both THC and CBD edibles from this facility.

Beginning in January, Weekend's brand portfolio is being launched into sales channels in North America and internationally, focussing on a national distribution rollout for its edible line of CBD products throughout the USA, and its edible line of THC products in California, Washington and Nevada.

Weekend Unlimited, which began trading on the CSE on October 15th, is currently trading at $0.095.

For more information, please visit the company’s website at or contact investor relations at 236-317-2812 or email

I’m Erica James for Investmentpitch Media