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California Technologies Announces Record Year-0ver-Year Revenue Growth

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Revenue for the year ended February 2019 was approximately US$755,000 and increase of 37.8% over the US$548,000 reported for the previous year.

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Company: California Nanotechnologies
Stock Symbol: TSXV: CNO
Date Published: Apr 1, 2019
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I’m Nadika Vizzy for Investmentpitch Media

California Nanotechnologies announced record year-over-year revenue for the year ended February 2019 and presented an outlook for the upcoming year.

Revenue for the year ended February 2019 was approximately US$755,000 and increase of 37.8% over the US$548,000 reported for the previous year.

Management is anticipating sustained growth in Fiscal 2020 with a continuing strong emphasis in Spark Plasma Sintering as well as the Cryogenic Milling area.

SPS has the advantage of consolidating ceramic, metal and composite materials rapidly as compared to more lengthy conventional processes.

The aerospace and electronics industries are expected to see the largest production increases in the SPS technology area.

The company is a world leader in cryogenic milling, with several patents in submission.

Cal Nano cryogenically mills metals, carbides, ceramics, and polymers for a wide range of applications including aerospace, energy, medical, automotive, and sports & recreation industries.

Eric Eyerman, CEO, stated: “Keeping with our heritage of closely working with our sister company Omni-Lite, Cal Nano has begun a collaborative internal development on applying SPS technology to make a superior version of a commercial electronics component. The application involves directly bonding multiple very dissimilar materials together for improved electrical & thermal performance. In Cryogenic Milling, the Company has submitted a preliminary proposal to DoD Rapid Innovations Fund for large-scale funding to fully develop its patented continuous cryomilling system. This system would give us the ability to manufacture ultra-high performance cryomilled materials in a safe and cost-effective manner which was previously not possible.”

A patent on this process was awarded to the Company in mid-2018.

In pursuit of its goal of continued growth, the company will be exhibiting at the Ceramics Expo 2019 Conference in Cleveland, Ohio from April 29 - May 1, 2019.

The Ceramics Expo Conference provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to hear the latest advancements in ceramic materials, technologies and manufacturing

Brian Weinstein, SPS Manager, stated: “The Company will be showcasing its latest developments in sintering and bonding ceramic materials using our SPS technology as well as meeting with key customers in the ceramics industry.”

The shares are trading at $0.085.

For more information, please visit the company’s website,, contact Eric Eyerman, CEO, at 562-991-5211 or email

I’m Nadika Vizzy for Investmentpitch Media