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Enertopia drills 262 feet of 1,231 ppm Lithium at Clayton Valley, Nevada

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The company controls 100% of approximately 160 acres of Placer and Lode claims in the Clayton Valley, Nevada.

Additional Information:

Company: Enertopia Corporation
Stock Symbol: CSE: TOP
Date Published: Feb 20, 2019
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I’m Samantha Deutscher for Investmentpitch Media

Enertopia Corporation has released assays from four resource definition holes and one metallurgical test hole from the company’s December 2018 drill program.

The company controls 100% of approximately 160 acres of Placer and Lode claims in the Clayton Valley, Nevada.

The best hole for grade and thickness was TOP-02 that averaged 1,231 ppm Lithium over 262 feet, including 1,368 ppm Lithium over 186 feet in the main reduced zone.

Hole TOP-04 was the only hole to reach the lower reduced claystone and the last 5 feet at the end of the hole, at a depth of 297 feet, assayed 1,480 ppm Lithium.

Drilling confirms widespread lithium mineralization on the property.

The average grade and thickness from the four-hole drill program was approximately 1,120 ppm Lithium over an average thickness of 284 feet.

A higher-grade zone inside the total lithium horizon averaged more than 1,225 ppm over an average thickness of 177 feet.

This zone appears to have a regional NE trend starting from the Southwest on Cypress Development’s proposed high-grade starter pit, with an average grade of approximately 1,105 ppm Lithium and running through Enertopia’s project and then onto Noram Ventures project to the northeast where Noram has outlined a shallow resource to approximately 50 feet averaging 1,060 ppm Lithium.

This table summarizes the assay intercepts including TOP-02M, the metallurgical test hole.

Hole TOP-02M and TOP-04 were drilled with a CAT rig to a depth of 230 feet and showed core recoveries of 90% to 100% over these intervals.

These two holes returned correspondingly higher average Lithium grades than holes TOP-01 and TOP-02.

Robert McAllister, President and CEO, stated: “Drilling has not only verified the Company’s expectations for the potential of the lithium horizon on our property but we have been able to show by the drill bit that the drill intersections to date indicate any future outlined resource could have Lithium values exceeding those of the proposed high-grade starter pit envisioned on the Cypress Development property to our southwest. With assay results in hand from our Clayton Valley Nevada drill program we can’t wait to get started on our solution testing of the drilled lithium horizons. We continue to strive for a low-cost mining and processing solution to unlock the potential value of the Lithium enriched claystones.”

Enertopia is working to establish a lithium resource while at the same time extracting Lithium from its synthetic brine solutions by using industry leading proven technology.

The shares are trading at $0.035.

For more information, please visit the company’s website, contact Robert McAllister, President and CEO, at 250-870-2219.

I’m Samantha Deutscher for Investmentpitch Media