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Gaia Grow uses new technology to increase CBD from biomass and delivers first shipment of biomass

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Using an exclusive third-party technology, the company can process between half and a full tonne of biomass per hour and increase CBD quality in biomass by over 300%.

Additional Information:

Company: GAIA Grow
Stock Symbol: TSXV: GAIA
Date Published: Jan 24, 2020
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I’m Erica James for Investmentpitch Media

GAIA Grow announced that it has increased the potential CBD percentage from its biomass to just under 6% through a drying process known as milling.

Using an exclusive third-party technology, the company can process between half and a full tonne of biomass per hour and increase CBD quality in biomass by over 300%.

Official test results are shown in this certificate of analysis.

The company will provide additional details of the technology once further runs have been completed.

The company’s main business focus is farming Industrial Hemp for Medical Purposes on its 100%-owned land in Lamont County, Alberta, which consists of 80 acres, with about 75 acres considered arable.

GAIA’s management team secured sub-contracted farmland in Alberta for its 2019 growing season.

By setting up joint ventures with existing farmers, the company anticipates that it will become a major industrial hemp cultivator without the extensive capital outlay required for acquiring farmland and expensive farm equipment.

In the summer of 2019, the company planted its first crop.

The company recently announced the successful delivery of its first shipment, consisting of one truckload containing 21,220 pounds or 9,645 kilograms of biomass to its offtake partner, one of the largest hemp processors in Canada.

Provided another successful run, the processor has committed to purchasing a large portion immediately

Management expects that this will be a long term and recurring business relationship.

Frederick Pels, CEO, stated: "In many of our previous news releases, I have spoken to innovation and this is one that I'm proud to share. Gaia now has exclusive access to technology that will increase the value of its own crop, as well as the ability to buy lower CBD biomass increasing its potency, viability, and significantly increase its value. Not only does it multiply the CBD percentage, but it also creates a product that extraction equipment can operate at a higher efficiency, eliminating the need for bale busters and manpower and most importantly saving time on each run. Our goal has been to build value for not only us as vendors of this amazing product, but also for the extraction facilities that purchase it - a goal I am happy to say we have achieved. This technology will create a second revenue stream outside of our own cultivation and allow Gaia to provide its offtake partners with near endless high potency CBD inputs and an overall better product. The 300% increase in quality was verified by both our own tests and third- party testing. Gaia has brought a serious solution to the Canadian hemp industry and we look forward to continuing to innovate and demonstrate why Gaia is quickly becoming an industry leader."

The shares, which began trading on the TSX Venture Exchange on August 1st, 2019, are currently trading at $0.05.

For more information, please visit the company’s website, contact James Tworek, President, at 604-681-0084 or email

Investor Relations is handled by Zula Kropivnitski, who can be reached at 604-681-0084 or by email at
I’m Erica James for Investmentpitch Media