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Bitcoin goes Viral, Ethereum passes Bitcoins Daily Volume and EventChain SmartTickets are Going to Change the Future of Event Ticket Booking

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FinTech News Network and Investment Pitch Media present Bitcoin and Crypto Coin news this week featuring the Ethereum platform and EventChain SmartTickets. This week Bankor and Bat ICO, The rise of Ethereum and potential to take over the first place from Bitcoin. EventChain SmartTickets are the future of event booking based on the Ethereum development platform.

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Company: FinTech News Network
Date Published: Jun 28, 2017
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

This is Jay Addison for InvestmentPitch Media and FinTech News Network.
Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency has been making headlines and giving Bitcoin a run for its money.
Bitcoin has become viral this year after tripling in value, from $1000 at the beginning of the year and peaking at $3000 American.
However, the real winner in the cryptocurrency industry so far has been Ethereum. The Ether token was trading below $10 at the beginning of this year, and skyrocketed to a high of over $400 so far. Ethereum is currently processing more transactions per day than Bitcoin, has over four times more transactions verifiers securing the network, and the transactions fees are less than a cent, something bitcoin’s network has been struggling with.
Ethereum differentiates from Bitcoin by adding in programming functionality and the ability to create and host applications and whole platforms on top of the Ethereum network. New tech companies are developing their platforms on top of these decentralized networks and disrupting a variety of industries worldwide.
These platforms built on Ethereum network are utilizing Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), the Blockchain equivalent of IPOs, to crowdfund their projects, where creators issue tokens instead of stocks. Tokens are not equity in a company, but normally have utility relative to the company’s project and can be traded openly on cryptocurrency exchanges.
They have taken over as a new method of project fundraising, and over the last few months many ICO projects have raised tens of millions in a matter of minutes. The BAT tokensale raised 35 million in 30 seconds and Bancor network raised 150 million in 3 hours, all in Ether.
I’m involved with an ICO project EventChain, a platform creating Smart Tickets™, solving many of the problems prevelant in the current event ticketing industry
Eventchain SmartTicketing is expected to be one of the most widely used blockchain applications in the world, upgrading the industry to tickets with smart technology to prevent counterfeit ticketing, ticket scalping, and reduce processing fees. With the use of the EventCoin tokens and Ethereum, EventChain brings increased accountability, transparency, security and a whole new layer of technology to the event ticketing industry.
Our ICO tokensale is taking place in Summer of 2017
Im Jay Addison for Investment Pitch Media and FinTech News Network., and thank you for watching.