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CryptoBiz Magazine - News Highlight on HTML5 Coin

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Observing and exploring all aspects of the crypto world; including mining, financial trading, exchanges, development and business.

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Company: CryptoBiz Magazine
Stock Symbol: NA
Date Published: Feb 10, 2015
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I'm Jay Addison for Investmentpitch media and

Crypto Biz Magazine, today we are featuring

HTML5 coin at

HTML5 coin is an online currency that inherited

it's payment encryption technology from Bitcoin.

HTML5 coin is designed to deliver faster

transactions and eliminate the need for miners to

generate transactions like Bitcoin.

A Mobile wallet is currently being developed to

make HTML5 coin more user friendly. This will

also make buying and selling goods and

services, and tipping through social media a

simple process. HTML5coin also has digital

wallets for Windows, Linux and Android.

HTML5coin is backed by BleuTrade exchange, a

popular Cryptocurrency trading platform. The

HTML5coin trading cycle is perpetual. When

HTML5coin users here in North America are

sleeping, members in Asia are busy trading.

The one thing that sets HTML5coin apart from

other cryptocurrencies is that the coin is

operated by an entire community without a lead

developer. Multiple developers are involved and

each of these developers act independently to

contribute to the coin growth. These developers

act as the public relation representatives and

focus on different aspects of the project including

Strategic planning, software development and

design, the coin’s press releases are all created

by individual developers. The resources are also

shared between developers which give

HTML5coin creators a deep database to build

and grow the coin.

HTML5coin’s most recent activity was a Social

Media Tipping campaign where each community

developer gave away free HTML5coins to

promoters who could then earn a bounty from

Tipping their own contacts. The more coins one

tips the more HTML5coins one would receive.

As more developers are contributing, more coins

will be budgeted for bounty. Within the first 3

days of the campaign as many as 3000 users

were tipped using HTML5coins tipping

campaign. The approach has given HTML5coin

lots of attention on social media throughout the

crypto coin trading community.

HTML5 Coin uses and as their payment processors.

There are currently 3 Crypto currency exchange

sites using HTML5coin as a base currency, and

HTML5coin’s exciting upcoming project will allow

new users to purchase HTML5coins through

Ebay. This enables non­technical users to

purchase their first HTML5coins bypassing the

traditional means of buying Bitcoins then trading

Bitcoin to HTMLCOIN.

If you are interested in getting tipped with

HTML5 coins on Twitter or Facebook or to lean

more go to

I'm Jay Addison for Investmentpitch media and

Crypto Biz Magazine. For more video news, and

to view our disclaimer, please visit our website at and to receive our

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