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Canabo Medical (TSXV:CMM) VIP program launched for at home or workplace medical consultations

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Due to high demand and as a compliment to the company’s previously announced Self Referral Sleep Aid program, Canabo is expanding the scope of its services to include a VIP telemedicine option.

Additional Information:

Company: Canabo Medical Corp
Stock Symbol: TSXV: CMM
Date Published: Dec 7, 2017
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I’m Samantha Deutscher for InvestmentPitch media

Canabo Medical Inc. has launched its VIP program for patients preferring medical consultation in the privacy of their home or workspace rather than visiting one of the company’s clinics.

Canabo wholly owns and operates Cannabinoid Medical Clinics, or CMClinics, Canada's largest physician led referral-only clinics for medical cannabis.

Established in 2014, Canabo now has 22 clinics across Canada, with additional locations planned to open in 2018.

Canabo’s medical clinics are dedicated to evaluating the suitability of prescribing and monitoring cannabinoid treatments for patients suffering from chronic pain and disabling illnesses, and are staffed by physicians and qualified health care practitioners specifically trained to assess patient suitability for cannabinoid treatment, recommend treatment regimes, and monitor treatment progress.

Due to high demand and as a compliment to the company’s previously announced Self Referral Sleep Aid program, Canabo is expanding the scope of its services to include a VIP telemedicine option.

This will be a self referral program with patients screened through the company’s National Call Centre (1-888-282-7763).

Canabo will charge an annual membership fee of $300 which includes;
 Office and/or Home Telemedicine Calls
 Full Access to the National Call Centre with 24 hour support response time
 Follow-up Care Program
 Full Access to Cannabis Educational program

Dr. Michael Verbora, Canabo's Medical Director stated: "Our goal at Canabo is to ensure all patients have access to proper consultation and advice on the use of medical cannabis. The new program will provide a high level of convenience for individuals who find it difficult to visit a busy medical office. Our team of practitioners can now utilize technology to assess patients for consideration for cannabinoid therapy."

Canabo clinics are uniquely positioned in the North American market to collect over 2 million data points from medical marijuana patients across Canada.

Drawing from a database of patient and treatment information regarding a full spectrum of medical conditions, prescribed cannabinoids and varieties of medical cannabis, the company now owns the largest known source of data relating to Medical Marijuana.

Canabo’s business model creates revenue primarily from research and subscription access to its database as well as clinical operations and consulting services to insurance companies and employers relating to use of Medical Marijuana.

The company recently implemented a normal course issuer bid and may purchase up to 2,720,000 shares, which represents approximately 10% of the current public float, being the total issued shares minus the shares held by insiders, and their associates and affiliates.

John Philpott, CEO, stated: “Canabo's Board of Directors believes that the value of the Company's assets is currently not appropriately reflected in Canabo's current share price and therefore believes that positioning Canabo to repurchase and cancel its common shares is a prudent use of Canabo's cash that is accretive to Canabo shareholders in the context of the current market."

The shares are trading at $0.57, and with 38 million shares outstanding, the company is capitalized at $21.7 million.

For more information please visit the company’s website, or contact John Philpott, CEO, at 902-442-0653 or email I’m Samantha Deutscher for InvestmentPitch media