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Glance Coin licencees Given Rights to Set of Smart Contracts

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These technology licenses also include the rights to offer Glance Coin as a set of smart contracts allowing businesses to offer rewards to consumers.

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Company: Glance Technologies Inc
Stock Symbol: CSE: GET
Date Published: Jan 18, 2018
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I’m Samantha Deutscher for InvestmentPitch media

Glance Technologies Recently licensed its Glance Coin cryptocurrency to Cannapay Financial, for use in the cannabis industry, to Cannabis Big Data Holdings, for use by cannabis retailers, to Active Pay Distribution Inc., for the fitness and health industry, and to Euro Asia Pay Holdings Inc., for students and tourists in North America.

These technology licenses also include the rights to offer Glance Coin as a set of smart contracts allowing businesses to offer rewards to consumers.

Glance Tech developed the brand ‘Glance Coin’, which can be seen on, to appeal to a more upscale, crypto audience.

The company has also opened offices in New York and California, and is actively meeting with US merchants in anticipation of a US launch.

Penny Green, President & COO, stated: “Glance Coin will be a key aspect of Glance’s strategy moving forward. We have an enormous opportunity to enter the market as THE cryptocurrency for consumers, with consumer features and usability at the core of its design. While some cryptocurrencies have been developed with clear purposes, it is typically with back office applications in mind, such as smart contracts (Ethereum) and remittance (Ripple). These applications don’t require much pizzaz to deliver value, whereas a great consumer-first experience must be more thoughtfully developed. Glance Coin is positioned to serve as a ‘gateway’ and brings users into ‘the world of Glance’. Just as Apple products became the hub for media such as video and music, Glance Coin is planned to serve as a virtual hub for top-tier goods and services globally.”

Cryptocurrencies are currently only held by a minority of the population, with Bloomberg stating that 40% of Bitcoin is held by only about 1,000 users.

Consumers using the Glance Pay mobile payment app will have the opportunity to earn Glance Coins whether they have paid with Glance Coin or another method, which should help expand this market.

Glance Pay, owned and operated by Glance Technologies, is a streamlined payment system that revolutionizes how smartphone users choose where to dine, order goods and services, make payments, access digital receipts, redeem digital deals, earn great rewards and generally interact with merchants.

Desmond Griffin, CEO, added: “Our team predicts that this is likely to be the first cryptocurrency that many people may hold or use. We have put a tremendous amount of effort into defining how the Glance Coin can enhance and be a key part of the lives of consumers. We believe that this cryptocurrency will have the same appeal and stickiness-factor to it that Apple brought to personal computers. The value of the Glance network for users increases the more that it is used, much in the same way that the Apple ecosystem delivers increased value the more that a user engages with it.”

Glance Coin, a wholly owned subsidiary of Glance Technologies, has appointed digital media expert and thought leader Zeeshan Mallick as Chief Digital Officer.

Zeeshan Mallick, stated: “Glance is utilizing Blockchain and cryptocurrency, two of the most interesting technologies that have had come out in many years, and Glance is applying them to empower and reward individuals. Glance has great potential to take its existing user base and truly drive forward with growth in consumer acquisition, which is what I will be focusing on, to help grow the business through innovative and tested performance marketing techniques that will drive numbers and revenue."

The company also appointed David Drake to the Glance Coin Advisory Board.

David, the founder of The Soho Loft Media Group, has been an advisor to several very successful Initial Token Offerings.

The company is well funded having recently closed a bought deal financing, raising gross proceeds of approximately $11 million, from the sale of 3,684,000 units at a price of $3.00 per unit, including an over-allotment of 441,000 units.

The shares are trading at $1.60, and with 132 million shares outstanding, prior to the recent private placement, the company is capitalized at $211 million.

For more information please visit the company’s website or contact Christina Rao, Vice President, Investor Relations, at 604-723-7480 or email

I’m Samantha Deutscher for InvestmentPitch media