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Video - the best tool for a financial advisor to use to deliver a polished, consistent story

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Are you using video to connect with your clients and potential clients?

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Company: InvestmentPich Media
Date Published: Nov 20, 2015
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I’m Nickalos Dergousoff for InvestmentPitch Media.

Are you using video to connect with your clients and potential clients?

Video is a powerful tool that can give you high visibility, enabling you to perfectly deliver the message you want your prospects to see, and at the same time help to establish you as an authority in your field.

Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

The power of video is confirmed by a 3M study that showed that one minute of video equates to 1.8 million words because visuals transmitted to the brain are processed exponentially faster than text, making video the single most powerful communications tool available.

There are many ways you can use video to expand your business. For example:
- introduce yourself to prospects, and describe your business
- explain the significance of an economic event
- introduce your team to show prospects the depth of your service and knowledge
- explain products
- or to educate your clients

Sean Millington, Investment Advisor with the Rickerby Wealth Group at TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice stated:

“The videos done for us by InvestmentPitch have really helped to streamline our business. Instead of repeating the same thing time and again to different clients or prospects we can direct them to the videos. When the conversation is continued at a later date it is much condensed and they are better equipped to ask deeper questions, which results in a much improved relationship.”

Have some video content available. Ask about our hosting services.

If not, we can work with you to produce the desired content.

We can film you in our downtown studio, and customize the graphics to properly brand your business.

Perhaps you are in a hurry and want a short video describing a product.

Will can film it with one of our anchors, and often move it from concept to finished product in the same day.

We can brand it with your information, host it for private viewing, and you can send a link to your clients.

Looking for a great lead generation tool?

Investors visiting our site can scroll through the financial advisor category, watch a few videos and call the advisor that best suits their needs.

As your video is fully tagged for terms such as location, gender, languages spoken, products, firm name, or anything you request, it is easily located through our search box.

Furthermore, investors on Google can search for these terms, and be immediately shown your video on the highly ranked first page of results.

Other distribution includes Reuters, where we are a top 20 video content provider, delivering our content to 550,000 Reuters’ terminals.

We also have an investmentpitch TV channel, which is streamed to the 15 million homes equipped with ROKU devices.

Our financial advisor packages start at less than $1,000.

Now for more information, call us today at 604-684-5524 to discuss a package suitable for you and your business.

This is Nickalos Dergousoff for InvestmentPitch Media.