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New Listing: CanadaBis Capital (TSXV:CANB)

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Stigma has developed a commercial "craft cannabis" grow facility located on land it purchased in the County of Red Deer.

Additional Information:

Company: CanadaBis Capital
Stock Symbol: TSXV:
Date Published: May 1, 2019
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I’m Cassandra Bolinski for Investmentpitch Media

CanadaBis Capital is one of the latest new listings on the TSX Venture Exchange, following its acquisition of Stigma Pharmaceuticals as its Qualifying Transaction.

Stigma has developed a commercial "craft cannabis" grow facility located on land it purchased in the County of Red Deer.

The facility was awarded a Standard Cultivation License by Health Canada on March 8th of 2019, one of only twelve administered in Alberta by Health Canada

It will allow for the possession, production and distribution of cannabis in dried, fresh, plant and seed form.

In addition, the company has been awarded a Standard Processing License which will allow the Red Deer facility to process dried flower and manufacture cannabis oil products.

The company holds a lease and option to purchase a 66,000 square foot facility located on its lands.

The facility has currently been built out for 22,000 square feet of cultivation and is set up for multiple grow rooms, drying rooms, a packaging and processing room, a shipping area and a secure product storage area.

"Phase 1" of the facility is designed to produce 1,500 kilograms annually.

"Phase 2", which will require the raising of additional capital, will expand capacity to approximately 16,000 kilograms annually.

Under the current license, Stigma can sell to other Canadian licensed producers, however, the company has applied for a Sales License.

After successfully completing two test crops, the Sales License will enable Stigma to sell to the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Agency, which regulates private retail cannabis distribution in Alberta, and operates Alberta's only legal online cannabis store.

Stigma Grow has the benefit of more than three years of independent genetic research on 42 proprietary strains, with a wide range of terpene and potency profiles, positioning the company to supply Albertans with a portfolio of uniquely developed craft cannabis products that offer potency, consistency and high-quality experience.

Stigma looks to become one of the few vertically integrated craft companies in this market space.

The shares are trading at $0.50.

For more information, please visit the company’s website, or contact investor relations at 1-888-784-4621 or email

I’m Cassandra Bolinski for Investmentpitch Media