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InvestmentPitch Media launched exciting new enhancement to our popular Video News Alert

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Do you have an important quote in your news release or want to emphasize a particular point? You can either prepare a short video recording on your smartphone to send us, or we will arrange a quick zoom session with you to insert within our video news release.

Additional Information:

Company: InvestmentPitch Media
Date Published: May 31, 2021
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I’m Megan Edwards for InvestmentPitch Media
Over the past 10 years we’ve produced more than 7,000 of our popular video news alerts.
We’re proud to report we’ve had resoundingly positive feedback from our clients for our ability to simplify complex topics and our use of digital media to present a clear picture.
However, you are now telling us your investor base has become more global and you wish you could find an inexpensive method to communicate your stories in other languages.
We’ve listened to you and by using the latest in artificial intelligence, we are now offering you additional versions of your original news alert in a number of foreign languages.
Each video has both voice overlay and subtitles should viewers chose to watch your video with the volume turned off.
Here are a few examples.
For more information, please call 604-684-5524 or email
I’m Megan Edwards for InvestmentPitch Media.