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Blockchain Interviews with Ron Lahiri, CEO & Founder of Finminity, Flexible Tokensale Platform

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Ashton Addison interviews Ron Lahiri, CEO & Founder of Finminity. Finminity is a decentralized fundraising and DeFi platform for early stage companies looking to raise capital and develop a blockchain ecosystem. Finminity’s platform creates smart contract development, auditing, KYC, due diligence and more with startups looking to raise capital. The platform functions through the companies Finminity Token FMT. Finminity is conducting an presale of their FMT tokens, used in part for platform onboarding, dividend distribution, voting and more. Presale Link: Finminity Website: Finminity Twitter :

Additional Information:

Company: Finminity
Date Published: Nov 12, 2020