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Feature Company: Tres-Or Resources (TSXV:TRS)

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Tres-Or Resources is a Canadian resource company focused on exploring for diamonds and gold in Quebec.

Additional Information:

Company: Tres-Or Resources
Stock Symbol: TSXV: TRS
Date Published: Jan 12, 2021
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I’m Megan Edwards for Investmentpitch Media

Today’s feature company is Tres-Or Resources, a Canadian resource company focused on exploring for diamonds and gold in Quebec.

The company owns a 100% interest in certain mineral claims including the Guigues Kimberlite claims, located 10 kilometers from Notre-Dame-du-Nord in southwestern Quebec.

The Guigues kimberlite pipe has substantial size of 5 to 7 hectares, excellent local infrastructure, and most importantly highly encouraging diamond indicator mineral chemistry which has never been tested by modern microdiamond methods.

The company recently announced the recovery of 48 more microdiamonds from new samples of the Guigues Kimberlite pipe in southwestern Quebec, by the Saskatchewan Research Council Geoanalytical Laboratories Diamond Services or SRC.

The 48 microdiamonds were recovered from 305 kilograms of previously unsampled intervals of Guigues kimberlite drill core, with the largest two microdiamonds remaining on a 0.425 millimeter square mesh screen.

The 305 kilograms of material came from 3 samples from half-split drill core testing different parts of the pipe, with recovered microdiamonds are well distributed throughout the pipe.

All but 3 of the recovered microdiamonds are described by SRC as “White/Colourless, Transparent” with no or minor inclusions.

Only one microdiamond is described as having “noticeable inclusions”.

The abundance of recovered microdiamonds compares well with the first results from SRC reported on November 9, 2020.

The 48 microdiamonds recovered from the new samples average 1.6 microdiamond per every 10 kilograms, which compares favorably to the first SRC microdiamond result which returned 0.5 microdiamonds per every 10 kilograms of kimberlite.

This combined abundance of microdiamonds from the 2 previous tables compares well with the published results for the Victor Kimberlite at the De Beers’ Victor Diamond Mine located 670 kilometers to the northwest of Guigues in the James Bay Lowlands, which Tres-Or considers significant because of the similarities between Victor and Guigues mantle indicator mineral samples.

Victor microdiamond data in the public domain is limited, with the most detail being provided in a 2001 De Beers’ assessment report on Victor and nearby pipes.

By adding Guigues total data to that provided in the 2001 report, Guigues’ recovery at 1.1 microdiamonds per 10 kilograms compares to Victor at 1.3 microdiamonds per 10 kilograms although the Victor sample was twice as big at 1,081 kilograms.

The overlay of the fields for Victor’s diamond inclusions with those from the Guigues Kimberlite shows the strong similarities between garnet populations.

Management cautions that although Victor’s published indicator mineral and microdiamond data are both closely similar to Guigues, it has not been confirmed by a Qualified Person working for Tres-Or, nor does it necessarily imply the Guigues pipe has a similar macrodiamond population to the Victor Diamond Mine.

Laura Lee Duffett CEO, commented: “The Guigues Pipe initial diamond testing results point to a discovery in the making. Tres-Or recovered 58 natural “White/Colourless, Transparent” stones, basically one microdiamond per kilogram of kimberlite drill core. Testing of 2 of the larger stones confirmed them as Type II diamonds. Type II diamonds lack nitrogen and famously include some of the largest, highest quality diamonds recovered at mines around the world, including the near perfect 102 carat mined in Canada at the DeBeers Victor Mine. This new information provides us with confidence that Guigues has close similarities to the Victor Pipe which produced high quality large white diamond for over a decade. Tres-Or is planning further testing for macrodiamond content.”

The shares are trading at $0.175.

For more information, please visit the company’s website at, contact Laura Lee Duffett, President and CEO, at 604-541-8376 or by email

I’m Megan Edwards for Investmentpitch Media