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New Listing: Hapbee Technologies (TSXV:HAPB)

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Hapbee develops wearable wellness products that enhance the human experience through magnetic field technology.

Additional Information:

Company: Hapbee Technologies
Stock Symbol: TSXV:HAPB
Date Published: Nov 2, 2020
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I’m Megan Edwards for Investmentpitch Media

Hapbee Technologies is one of the latest new listings on the TSX Venture Exchange, trading under the symbol “HAPB”.

Hapbee develops wearable wellness products that enhance the human experience through magnetic field technology.

The company’s core product, the Hapbee Wearable Wellness Product, is a wearable that “plays” or delivers unique ultra-low magnetic signals, which produce sensations on command.

Hapbee’s electromagnetic signal technology means that individuals don’t have to ingest chemicals to experience a desired feeling.

Hapbee stimulation is non-ionizing, non-thermal, and non-invasive.

Users return to baseline after an average of 15 – 30 minutes after use.

Hapbee can produce numerous different sensations by playing low power electromagnetic signals.

These sensations fall under six general categories: Happy, Alert, Focus, Relax, Calm and Sleepy, with the company planning to release new signals every 3 to 6 months.

The Hapbee Wearable Wellness Product can be controlled through the Hapbee App with both iOS and Android smartphones.

The app stores all available signals on a playlist that can be accessed via an affordable monthly membership.

The app also allows Hapbee to gather vital information on user habits, including time of day plays, duration, demographics, and more.

The app will also provide Hapbee the opportunity to cobrand and release new content with other companies and partners.

Hapbee is powered by EMulate Therapeutics’ patented ultra-low radio frequency energy technology, for which Emulate owns 32 related patents.

EMulate is a clinical-stage therapeutic device company, which has invested over fifteen years of research time and significant funds in medical technology development.

They have received 32 global patents on technologies relating to the Hapbee Wearable Wellness Product.

While EMulate remains focused on medical devices, Hapbee has acquired exclusive global licenses to adapt the technology for a non-medical consumer product aimed at the wellness industry.

The shares are trading at $0.59.

For more information, please visit the company’s website, contact Scott Donnell, CEO, by email at

I’m Megan Edwards for Investmentpitch Media