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EYEfi Group signs strategic agreement to expand sales activities in New Zealand

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As part of the agreement, Mad World will develop key sales and marketing collateral, identify, and approach a minimum of 50 potential customers for EYEfi's Smart Waste solution.

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Company: EYEfi Group Technologies
Stock Symbol: CSE: EGTI
Date Published: Mar 26, 2021
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

I’m Megan Edwards for Investmentpitch Media

EYEfi Group Technologies, an electronics engineering and software development company, announced a strategic 12-month sales agreement with Mad World Limited in New Zealand.

As part of the agreement, Mad World will develop key sales and marketing collateral, identify, and approach a minimum of 50 potential customers for EYEfi's Smart Waste solution.

Established in 2001, Mad World was one of the first Sustainability Consultancies in New Zealand and is now one of the largest Sustainability Consultancies with operations in New Zealand, Australia and Asia

By promoting green and sustainability technologies, Mad World provides their government and industry clients with strategic sales and marketing activities to support large scale sustainable solutions.

EYEfi has a well-established presence in New Zealand having already worked with several major councils who participated in the initial deployment phase involving waste bins across the country.

EYEfi’s ultrasonic sensors, located within street bins, monitor fill levels and send data through its cloud-based platform to waste collection providers enabling them to schedule the most efficient time to empty bins based on their waste levels.

This provides benefits to both the end customers and providers by reducing costs and providing a positive impact on the environment by reducing unsightly overflowing bins.

Mad World will also collaborate with and provide sales leads to Fujitsu, one of EYEfi's channel partners.

Fujitsu recently delivered an initial order for EYEfi’s Cloud and Smart Drain Solution from Transurban Group for its initial phase 1 rollout in Australia’s third largest state, Queensland, for managing storm water pits to mitigate against floods.

With a market cap of $34 billion Australian dollars, Transurban has a significant work program underway, with capital expenditures in 2020 reaching $2.6 billion Australian dollars.

Similar to the company’s Smart Waste solution, EYEfi’s Smart Drain solution uses sensors within a water pit sending alerts once the water in the drain rises above a pre-determined level.

Simon Langdon, CEO, stated: "Mad World has established clients and relationships with local government and large organizations in the waste and water industries, that will help EYEfi accelerate its sales activities in New Zealand. It will also provide an opportunity to strategically position EYEfi's brand and products with a much broader set of key customers."

EYEfi has developed, patented and commercialized an innovative spatial targeting technology known as SPARC.

SPARC is an acronym stands for spatial, predictive, approximation and radial convolution, and an associated product suite, turns sensors, cameras and smartphones, whether fixed, mobile, airborne or portable, into geo-target co-ordinate acquisition devices, connecting people and devices, in real-time and in ways not previously possible.

EYEfi has also developed Industrial Internet of Things sensor hardware and associated cloud software, as a second pillar within its product offering.

EYEfi Sensors connect and deliver data to EYEfi Cloud, a next generation cloud platform that provides a secure and centralized environment where customers can manage their EYEfi product deployments and applications, using a simple to use dashboard style user interface.

The shares, which began trading on December 4, 2020, are currently trading at $0.78.

For more information about EYEfi’s products, please visit the company’s website

For investor relations, please contact Mark van der Horst at 604-760-7604 or by email at

I’m Megan Edwards for Investmentpitch Media