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Blockchain Interviews with Jake Wujastyk, Chief Evangelist of Trendspider

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Ashton Addison interview Jake Wujastyk from Trendspider. TrendSpider is a trading software that works for stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities and more. Jake Wujastyk speaks on the growth of TrendSpider throughout 2020, and explains how TrendSpider encapsulates the principles of automation, alerts & action, and innovation in its platform. Jake also explains TrendSpiders auto trend lines and Fibonacci tools for charts, alerts, and the market scanner for finding quality charts to trade in any market. Try TrendSpider: TrendSpider on Twitter: Learn more on the new Raindrop candlestick patterns on Trendspider:

Additional Information:

Company: Trend Spider
Date Published: Jul 13, 2020