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Jonas Simanavicius, Co-Founder & CTO, Syntropy - Internet Routing Protocol | Blockchain Interviews

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Ashton Addison interviews Jonas Simanavicius, Co-Founder & CTO of Syntropy. Syntropy is a Blockchain based routing protocol, fixing the fundamental flaws in the foundation of the internet built in the 90s. Syntropy’s “Programmable Internet” approach fundamentally changes the way enterprises can interact with the infrastructure of the Internet, using a blend of novel technologies to deliver faster, more secure web interactions. This creates a more scalable, privacy focused, secure and decentralized internet functionality that is encrypted by default. Syntropy’s NOIA token creates a decentralized ecosystem where participants are incentivized to grow the network. Learn more: Telegram: Twitter: Connect with Jonas on Twitter:

Additional Information:

Company: Syntropy
Date Published: Jan 19, 2021